Virtual Pool 4, so realistic it will make your real life pool game better


Match Comments


Breaks over 60

daombre 82,98

Fayr 72 

Shulgin9 69

Sharkey9 64,93,70,64,69,70,94,74,66,66,60,60 

B11TME 80.81,124,90,70,123,65,122

Gizmo 91 

Albinario 121,100,66,78,69,68,90,81,64,115,103,74,92,117,74,67,62,105,77,73

Tonysam1 63,84,87,61,69,65,120,78 

Romario 87

Polo 110,70,90,112,71,81,103,69,61,93,79,63,74 

McClarky 63,74,71,82,66.107,124

Freeball 74 

VWSC 2008 Century Breaks

Albinario 121,100,115,103,117,105

B11TME 124,123,122 

Polo 110,112,103

Tonysam 120 

McClarky 107,124 

VWSC 2008

This years tournament will be for a maximum 64 players and the sign ups for the tournament will open Sunday December 9th and will close when either 64 are signed up or the closure date of Saturday 12th of January is reached.

  • Usual VPHQ tournament rules apply,exception being 3 boot rule.
  • Virtual Pool 3 Download version only for this tournament
  • Lowest GSA will choose who breaks,then its alternate breaks thereafter.Always remember whether you break off odd or even numbered frames.
  • Break off shots.  You must break off conventionally,that is to say you must not shoot off the top cushion into the back of the reds(this is negative roll up shot starting a frame and not fair)
  • You must be seen to be attempting to escape from a Snooker and not play a negative roll out and make no effort at all to hit the ball on(this is unsportsmanlike and genuine Snooker players would never seek to gain an advantage by doing this)
  • Mouse farts. Its up to you to choose whether you give the shot back.Remember its a tournament and you can win or lose a frame by your actions.
  • There will be no seedings for this tournament,you will play opponents as the tourney system draws them.

The sign up process

  • You must contact me in the VP3 lobby,and I will require that you give me your email address prior to signing up(this will be checked prior to your confirmation of entry to the tournament)
  • You must be signed up to the VPHQ tournament system in order to play and also be using the VP3 Downloaded version from Celeris(sign up to the VPHQ tourney system here http://www.vphqtournaments.com/register_player.asp
  • Purchase your Download verison of VP3 from Celeris here http://www.celeris.com/games/vp3/index.html
  • As part of the sign up,you must agree that I pass on your email to an opponent should they wish to contact you.If you dont agree to this then you cannot participate.

The game settings

  • Loch Lomond
  • Championship settings
  • First round to 10 frames
  • Second round and remaining rounds up to semi-finals to 13 frames
  • Semi-finals to 17  frames
  • Final to 18 frames

Reporting matches

A  few points to remember about this tournament.If you dont regularly make 50 plus breaks,then you will find it a very tough competition,so perhaps a few weeks practice might be in order prior to you signing up.

The standard of play by the better players who will play in this event will be of such that you may well find yourself out of your depth very quickly,so please bear this in mind when your signing up.

Above all remember this is to find this years Virtual World  Snooker Champion and the winner of it will have earned that right no doubt by being the most consistent all the way through.

Good Luck to all.