Virtual Pool 4, so realistic it will make your real life pool game better

Gratis player feedback

If you are a Player Gratis in VP4 Online,Celeris would like to here your comments and suggestions about VP4 Online.
How easy was it to create your accoiunt.How easy was it to download the game client etc.
Have you come across any problems when playing online.

If you have anything you want Celeris to know about they are happy to listen,so please give them feedback on anything that you like or dont like about playing online.******Please use your VP4 Nickname  in the name section of the response form ********
Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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VP4 Online 3 cushion billiards



VP4 is a radical change from all previous versions in the Virtual Pool series.....why?

The game itself has had a complete physics makeover as the original physics of all previous versions has be thrown out and the whole system and mechanics of gameplay have been rebuilt from the bottom up to produce what you will find as the best Virtual Pool and Billiard game ever produced for PC.
         Table physics and design have all changed and there is now a correct specification World Championship Snooker table as well as a correct specification 8ball Pub table, both of which offer the ultimate test in your Pool and Snooker skills. These two tables alone are probably the toughest you are ever likely to play on within the game.
You still have all the variety of games you’ve seen already in the Offline version with possibly more to come in future developments.

The major change for Online play is that you will join the Celeris game server for all your online play whether you just want to knock a few racks or frames around with your friends or if you’re a little more competitive you can participate in the variety of challenges that await you.

When you login to the VP4 Online lobby it might look a little similar to what you’ve experienced in the Game spy Lobby but there are differences.

Firstly unlike Game spy who only has one lobby, the VP4 lobby you will enter first will be lobby number one and if it gets really busy the ADMIN can create a secondary lobby or more to handle more people.
You will also notice that there are 5 Tabs at the top of your lobby window where all available games and rooms will, show.....now we get to the good part.

The match room tab says exactly what it is.If you and some friends want to set up a normal match room to a set amount of racks or frames then this is where your room will show.

this is another that you will recognise from Gamespy. If you want to set a winner stays on room then you set up your challenge room and all other challenge rooms will show under this Tab.

The remaining 3 Tabs are all linked up via the comprehensive VP4 Online Tournament system and as such any rooms that show up in those Tabs are all created automatically for you and your opponent plus you’ll will get notification in the lobby chat that your room is up and waiting for you both to join.

you will be able to play in many online tournaments for VP Bux, there will be a small entry fee of VP Bux in order to participate.

You can take part in a one on one Ladder where dependant on your results and also your participation you can work your way up to the top of your ladder which many long-time VP players will remember the VIP Ladder we used to play in but it will be a lot fairer for all especially fair if someone isn’t playing matches trying to protect their position. Unlike VIP Ladder if they don’t play then they will simply start falling down the ladder.


This will be where any Online Leagues that have been created and are up and running, as soon as your league match is available it will show up in here.


this is the most important part of your VP4 Online experience as this is where you will interact with all that is available for you when you’re Online in VP4.


This where you will be able to set up your online identification in more detail. You will be able to set your own personal details as well as choose the flag of your country to represent you and also to show up in your profile.
You can also upload two images to your profile. The first one is simply called PICTURE and this is the one that everyone will see when you’re actually in game Online so choose wisely.
The second pictures you can upload are your logo and again choose a picture that you want to be seen in your chat lobby profile.


In VP4 Online portal you can also visit the VP4 store
if you start off VP4 online as a gratis player you will only have a house cue for each game you play. The major enhancement to VP4 Online play is that the cue you choose to buy from the store will affect your game play especially when choosing a break cue for Pool games. Some cues hit harder than others but all break cues and 100 times better than the simple House cue and will help your game as will choosing a playing cue and shaft.
Cues and shafts do make a difference to your performance as the shafts all vary in the amount of deflection they impart on shots you take in game, so browse the cues and shafts and choose wisely....perhaps the cheapest will not always be the best.


The amount of Stats you had at hand in VP3 was limited to say the least.
VP4 will blow you away with statistical info that is available for you. You can keep a tab on how your breaking in 9ball you can see how often you run racks and what your win percentages are.....I COULD GO ON AND ON ABOUT THE STATS THAT YOU CAN LOOK INTO ONLINE BUT BELEIVE ME ID FILL TWO MORE PAGES WITH STUFF AND THAT STILL WOULD NOT TELL YOU ALL.....ITS VAST.
You want to see how well you perform against a certain player?  No problem just type in the first few letters of your name and then do the same for your opponent and hit the button, you will then see how you’ve faired in all, games you’ve ever played with that person and maybe see where you been getting things wrong and try to improve.
You want to check your longest run in Straight Pool or Snooker? It’s all there for you at the click of a button.
You will have an online rating which changes after each match and game type you play. You will also get an overall points rating for your online competitions.

You can search out and send friend requests

Catch up with your old VP3 buddies from Game spy and add new online friends using this feature, just type in the first few letters of their name and you can choose their name from a drop down list.

You can send messages to people

Send messages to those on your friends list via the Portal from your own profile page, let them know what you’re doing or arrange a friendly matchup. This is also a feature on the Tournament system, Ladders and Leagues (when available) you will be able to send messages to arrange matches in each of these categories for specific times to suit you and your opponent.

You can see all the awards you have received in tourneys, ladder or leagues that you have entered and may have won.

Trophies and prizes will be available for online events and details of what you have won will show up on your profile page for your entire online events you have participated in.

You can see all transaction history for all purchases you have made in VP4 Online whether it is for cues or for VP Bux or perhaps a second copy of VP4 Offline
for a friend or as a gift for someone’s birthday.

This will have a complete history for all purchases that you make in VP4 Online and is your own personal record that only you can see on your personal profile

This tab will allow you to keep a track of any competitive matches that are currently being played in VP4 Online (Tournaments, Ladders and Leagues (when available).You will be able to see live scoring constantly updated plus you will be reminded of events that you have still to play in.


this feature on your profile page lets you know who is online that’s on your friends list. It will also remind you of any upcoming matches you have pending. In fact all of the most important things

you can see LIVE SCORING for Tournaments etc...they update as you look at them
You can check on the Tournament Brackets and see who your next opponent is and then why not check how well they play the particular game your about to play them in your match..
You can check out the HOME PAGE...This where you can see reports on recent tourneys and get direct links to look at the results
You will also see the overall points leader board and you can also say any recent match results from Ladder matches etc.


The answer though that is easy .If you are in the VP4 chat lobby there is a Tab called VP4 WEBSITE and that’s where you’ll find immediate access to all the features described above.
You can also find the same Tab whilst you are in game and actually visit the Online Portal whilst you wait your turn in a room. You get their quicker by using the Ctrl and Z shortcut keys, it’s that simple.


VP4 Online has the additional feature that adds massively to online play....TEAM PLAY.
You and your partner can go head to head against the world in most game types and you can also play in two different formats of your choice. The first one is SCOTCH DOULBES.
This style of gameplay means that you and your partner take turns to shoot each shot. You shoot one ball and get position for your partners next shot....in short its one shot each turn.
The second format is TEAM VERSUS. This style of game play means that you’re still playing as a team but when you or your partner goes to the table, you play shots until you miss or the game ends then it’s your partners turn next time around.
This will be one of the most enjoyable features of online play and I can guarantee that 100 percent.

This isn’t all as there is more planned for VP4 Online and only one man knows that and he isn’t telling yet   LOL.