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List of Virtual Pool 3 World championships:

Year Event Winner Country Runner Up Country
2004 Snooker World Championship[8] GLEN-147 England Freeball England
2004 Nine-ball World Championship[9] GLEN-147 England NuggetUK England
2005 Snooker World Championship[10] B11TME Northern Ireland Media Slave England
2005 Eight-ball Pub World Championship[11] B11TME Northern Ireland Concentrator Sweden
2006 Nine-ball World Championship[12] Lobster Guy United States Tonysam1 England
2006 Eight-ball Midwest World Championship[13] Albinario Sweden Lobster Guy United States
2007 Snooker World Championship[14] Sharkey9 Germany Tonysam1 England
2007 Cowboy World Championship[15] Albinario Sweden Nam-BE Belgium
2007 Nine-ball World Championship[16] AlinVille Romania ReelPolandPower Poland
2008 Snooker World Championship[17] Albinario Sweden Polo Poland
2008 Nine-ball World Championship[18] AlinVille Romania Albinario Sweden
2009 Snooker World Championship[19] MozUK08 England Daombre84 Germany
2009 Nine-ball World Championship[20] ReelPolandPower Poland AlinVille Romania
2009 Eight-ball Midwest World Championship[21] B11TME Northern Ireland Poolminator Serbia
2009 One-cushion World Championship[22] Kere Germany JTrouty1 United States
2010 Ten-ball World Championship[23] mal255 England Albinario Sweden
2010 Snooker World Championship[24] Albinario Sweden 9balldotcom Scotland

Virtual Pool Champions past and present


2010Virtual World Snooker Championships Albinario(Sweden) http://www.vphqtournaments.com/tourney_archive/tourney_results.asp?tid=3444

2010 Virtual Ten Ball World Champion Mal255 (England)  http://www.vphqtournaments.com/tourney_archive/tourney_results.asp?tid=3580

2009 Virtual One Cushion Billiards World Champion  Kere(Germany)  

2009 Virtual 8ball(Midwest)Champion B11TME(Northern Ireland) http://www.vphqtournaments.com/tourney_archive/tourney_results.asp?tid=3407

2009 Virtual 9ball World Champin ReePolandPower(Poland)  http://www.vphqtournaments.com/tourney_archive/tourney_results.asp?tid=3143

2009 Virtual World Snooker Champion MozUK08(England)http://www.vphqtournaments.com/tourney_archive/tourney_results.asp?tid=3009

2008 Virtual 9ball World Champion    Alinville(Romania)http://www.vphqtournaments.com/tourney_archive/tourney_results.asp?tid=2918

2008 Virtual World Snooker Champion   Albinario (Sweden) http://www.vphqtournaments.com/tourney_archive/tourney_results.asp?tid=2847

2007 Virtual 9ball World Champion  AlinVille(Romania) http://www.vphqtournaments.com/tourney_archive/tourney_results.asp?tid=2354

2007 Virtual Cowboy World Champion Albinario(Sweden) http://www.vphqtournaments.com/tourney_archive/tourney_results.asp?tid=2363

2007 Virtual World Snooker Champion  Sharkey9  (Germany) http://www.vphqtournaments.com/tourney_archive/tourney_results.asp?tid=2377

2006 Virtual 8ball World Champion Albinario(Sweden)  http://www.vphqtournaments.com/tourney_archive/tourney_results.asp?tid=2192

2006 Virtual 9ball World Champion    Lobster Guy(USA)   http://www.9balldotcom.co.uk/index.htm

V9BWC site http://www.9balldotcom.co.uk/v9bwc2006.htm

2005 Virtual 8ball Pub World Champion B11TME All the fixtures and results http://www.vphqtournaments.com/tourney_archive/tourney_results.asp?tid=1627

2005 Virtual World Snooker Champion  B11TME       All the fixtures and results http://www.vphqtournaments.com/tourney_archive/tourney_results.asp?tid=585   *

2004 Virtual 9ball World Champion- GLEN-147  All the fixtures and results http://www.vphqtournaments.com/tourney_archive/tourney_results.asp?tid=470   *

VWSC 2005 Site http://www.loopypool.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/index3/vwscwip.htm   *Thank you to Tone for his assistance and page building

V9BWC 2004 Site http://www.sportplanet.com/vp3/tourneysystem//v9bwc_info.asp *  

*Thank you to NuggetUk for assistance in previous Championships   



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Hello there,this website although done on a shoestring and by a guy that knows nothing about webstie making is here solely for the sharing of information on whats happening in the Virtual world of pool and billiards,namely the Virtual Pool games from Celeris.

The production of the next generation of virtual Pool,the aptly named Virtual Pool 4 is aimed to capture the hidden market that is out there for this type of pc game and any news I can get,it will be shared on this site.We look forward to its arrival.

For those of you that arent aware.VP4 will not be hosted on Gamespy Arcade,the good news there is that we will be moving to VP4 on its own server hosted by Celeris and have a new tourney system also.More details on whats planned as soon as any info is avaiable I will share it.


make sure you check all the latest 
info from Celris on whats 
happenuing with the new game

Player interview questions

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Q.  How long have you been playing virtual pool and how did you get started?


Q. Do you play in real life and if so, what kind of cue do you use?


Q. Who is your favorite professional cue sports player?


Q. What's your favorite thing about playing virtual pool?


Q.  What are your favorite games to play in virtual pool?


Q. If you could change any one thing in VP3, what would it be and why?


Q. What other hobbies do you have besides virtual pool?


Q.  What other computer games do you play besides virtual pool?


Q.  What's your favorite food?


Q. When's your birthday?


Q. Are you married? kids?


Q. Favorite book, TV show, movie?


Q. Who is your favorite musical group?


Q.  If you could meet 3 of your fellow virtual pool players, who would they be and why?


Q. Is there any other information that you'd like your fellow shooters to know about you? If so, what?


Q.  Any advice for up and coming players?

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