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Virtual 9ball World Championships 2007

Contact 9balldotcom in the VP3 lobby to enter this tournament
You need to have VP3DL version 3239 to play in this tournament
There are 64 places available to participants in this years event
The final is to 41 racks
First round to 21 racks

Just to clarify that there will be places for 16 seeded players,you will only be chosen as one of the seeds if youve played 30 9ball VPHQ tournament matches and you are potentially in the top 16 on the 9ball ratings as of Fri 15th June after the final 9ball tourney of that week.Obviously its dependant on actually how many from those top 16 places actually sign up for the tournament and as a result seeded players will be sourced from the next nearest on the standings.

Seedings have nothing to do with you thinking you deserve to be seeded,its to do with 9ball tournament performance and the fact that you have been active.

Once the 16 players have been chosen then they will be placed evenly through the draw.Their potential opponents will be drawn at random as will all the remaining fixtures.So just to clarify that the first 16 players drawn will be the 16 opponents for each seeded player.The rest will be drawn as single fixtures remaining in the draw.


There will be spaces for 64 participants only,sign ups will close when those places have been filled or sign up deadline is reached.

  • You must be using the upgraded 3239 version of Virtual Pool 3 to play.
  • Tournament is straight-forward 9-Ball.
  • Butt angle on break no more than 3 degrees 4 degrees is a foul  break.
  • Jump shots are OK.
  • Cueball in hand - you cannot freeze the cueball to the object ball "on". You must leave (approximately) a two inch gap between the cueball and object ball unless you are restricted by another ball or cushion (rail).
  • Combo on the 9 after a foul is a perfectly legal shot.
  • Deliberate fouls in 9-Ball are perfectly legal : i.e., not making an attempt to hit ball on if your hooked (snookered).
  • Mouse farts - it's your choice - give it back to them or tell them to clean their mouse you choose.
  • If you forfeit your match without playing you will lose the match to nil.
  • If you forfeit your match during it you will still lose it to nil so please play to the death.
  • Table is Hard Times, Champ settings .
  • Game Settings
    • First Round to 21 racks
    • Second Round and all rounds up to the Semi-Final to 31 racks
    • Semi-Finals to 35 racks
    • Final to 41 racks

There will be 16 seeded players who will be selected according to their 9ball rating on the tourney system.You MUST have played in 30 9ball tournament matches to be considered.

You have One week only to complete each round although you do not have to conplete your match in one session,if you cannot complete your match for whatever reason,you forfeit.

Any match results can be posted to me  from this email [email protected]  This is a record scores tournament,so you must tell me your rack score in the match

I must have a valid email of all participants to this tournament.This will be part of the signing up process. If you agree with rules etc you are welcome to sign up.If you feel you cannot be held to the one week deadline for each of your matches,then it might be best you do not participate.

Usual VPHQ tourney rules apply for this tournament....with an exception...3 boot rule is not in operation.

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