Virtual Pool 4, so realistic it will make your real life pool game better

Downloadable digital software purchased directly from the Celeris online store

Software purchased from Celeris can be returned for full refund up to 30 days after purchase. Free support is offered  by emailing support@celeris.com.

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Teamspeak set up guide

To join us on the VP4 Teamspeak channel you first need to download the TEAMSPEAK 3 CHAT CLIENT from here


Make sure you download ONE of the two top download links on that page.One is forwin 32bit and the other is 64bit version.
The Teamspeak ip number is
The password is guitar12( all lower case letters)

Should you need remote assistance installing VP4 or with any other issues,we may be able to help you using
TEAMVIEWER,you can download this programme from here

VP4 Online finally goes public

Registration is now open to everyone (means you don't have to purchase VP4 to get online). You can register for free, or register for the minimum V$ purchase of $10 (buys V$1000).
Players who register free are Player Gratis and have certain restrictions:
Can only play 8-Ball, 9-Ball 6-Ball, in Challenge mode, in the Garage
Can not enter any events such as tournaments
Can only play with the house cues
Can not create private rooms
Have a static player rating

You can play as much as you want and have full access to the vponline.celeris.com social network.


VP4 Offline update patch now available

A new version of the VP4 Offline version is now available on your profile page to download.

To get the update you first need to be logged into the VP4 website,then go to your profile page and access your charge history tab.

You may well have topage right back to the first page of your charge history to see your purchase of the offline version.

Once you have found your charge details for your purchase of the offline version,click details and you will then see the download link for the patch to 4130 version.


Bug Fixes
  • Some connections would fail to register VP4
  • Fixed bug where BIH on Snooker table could get outside of D
  • Game goals for ball goal games were not always correct when handicapped
  • Rack money on spot option was not working
  • Fix occasional crash on game shutdown
  • Straight Pool break was not requiring cue ball to go to a rail
  • Changed rating requirements for Snooker Foul&Miss to > 1900 pro type kicking, > 1700 multi-rail kicks with english, > 1400 kicks without english
  • Snooker was spotting balls when all spots blocked that were touching other balls, now has a small gap
  • Fixed spotting erros for English Billards
  • 3-Ball would not always spot a ball leaving a table with only the cue ball
  • Correct some situation where cue stick could intersect other objects, especially after undo
  • Tweak adversary views
  • Fix shot output information errors
  • Add corner dots for billiards table
  • Was drawing Straight Pool rack line around balls, now draw it one ball radius out

Steve Chaplin's Guide to VP4 Online

Steve has prepared a little collection of Tutorial videos to get you all prepared for online when we finally go live to the world.

Each tutorial video is below to help you out.

VP4 Online Registration and Installation

VP4 Online Login and Lobby

Player Gratis Introduction

VP4 Online Basic Controls for Game Play

VP4 Online Website Introduction and My Profile Page

VP4 Online Calendar of Events

VP4 Online Playing Tournaments

VP4 Online Playing Ladders

VP4 Online Website Other Pages

If you got the offline,get yourself online now!!!!

Check this link if you purchased the offline version or if you have not,you can find out you can join us online right now if you do buy the offline version



If this is your first time online,you first need to download the game client.

Go to MY PROFILE in the NAVBAR at the top of the screen.

Click the small pencil icon on your profile,that allows you to edit your accouint.

If you have not yet chosen a player name you need to set your name first.You can also upload your in game profilepicture as well as your lobby icon at this time.


This is where you download the online client.Install the client and then launch the game.

VP4 will then start to download the remainder of the client,this could take a little time,be patient.

Once the full install is complete the game may restart and you will be prompted to enter your username which is your email address you used to purchase the offline version.

Type in your password and your done.You will be able to join us in the VP4 Online lobby.

VP4 Online Public Beta.

                                            PUBLIC BETA

                                    NOW OPEN

         Message from Steve Chaplin
      CEO of Celeris.Inc

Public Beta is partially open. Players who have accounts can now access online play.

To get the client:
Log into your account
Press the pencil icon under the player picture to bring up the account information.
Press the Download Game button
If you do not have a player name, please  add one.

Login  Here


VP4 Online Live Streaming

For all of you who may want to watch some play of Virtual Pool 4 Online there is a new site where  Live channels will be streaming at some points throughout the day
Dj Simon has created this site which  includes 4 separate  VP4 streaming channels from online testers.

Feel free to have a look, around from time to time.

Thank you to djsimon for his work in creating this site.

If you do have any questions about VP4 or help with Live streaming or recording your matches for Youtube etc you can enter your  contact details  at the bottom of the Livestream page and Simon will get back to you.

VP4 Online Prepare for Public Beta

Message from Steve Chaplim  CEO of Celeris

In preparation for public beta, here is a FAQ that should answer most questions:

Public Beta FAQ:

What does “public beta” mean?
That can vary depending on the company doing it and the product. For Celeris and many other online games that do a public beta it means that the product is pretty solid and has had a lot of testing, but some issues could show up with a larger online audience. Online products are very difficult to test and VP4 Online has a tremendous number of features to test. It has been in test for over a year, (thanks all the testers!). Public beta allows us to increase the test load and rectify any remaining issues.

Can't you load test some other way?
Yes we can and we have. Both the VP4 website and the VP4 game servers have had automated load testing. But it is not the same as play from actual users.

Are there bugs left?
Yes, there are still bugs left though not any we know of that we consider major problems that will impact play. Software this complex always has some issues that could be considered bugs, many are either very trivial or features we would like to add. We will fix anything serious that comes up and work off any trivial issues over time.

Then how is a public beta different from a release/launch?
The main difference is that there are more updates, and service outage could occur more frequently. We are going to try to do any updates in a graceful manner which mean scheduled maintenance, but during public beta, unscheduled maintenance is a possibility.

What exactly happens during an update?
There are four basic kinds of updates we do, website, game server, game, and assets. Website updates may or may not require service interruption, if they do it is short. Game server update require restarting the game servers which means all VP4 games (you guys the players) are disconnected and must reconnect. This is typically a very short time, less than 1 minute. Game updates also require a server restart, with the server immediately returning < 30 seconds. Upon re-logging in the new game files are installed and the game automatically restarts. Art updates typically do not require any service interruption and if they do it is very short, like the VP4 game update. It is possible that issues with the update could cause longer service down time.

What happens if there is a service interruption during play?
This depends on your play mode. In challenge rooms nothing is saved as that is just one game king of the hill matches. In a match room the game is saved locally on your system and after re-login you recreate the room, get all the players into it and then you can load your match and continue. For events (tournaments, ladders), VP4 Online automatically saves the game on the server, so all you have to do is re-enter your event match room.

Is the public beta going to include the V$ currency where I buy cues and pay entry fees for tournaments?
Yes, the VP4 Online website and game servers will be running in full production mode. Nothing feature wise will be different than the official launch.

Should I participate in the public beta?
If you wish to join, please do so. We are not restricting who can participate and we need to get several hundred players online to do load testing.

Why would I not want to participate in public beta?
If you are the type of person who is bothered by any irregularities that may occur, like to complain a lot, or will have some sort of tantrum if whatever issue you have is not addressed by admin or engineers right away, I recommend you wait till official launch. We are going to work hard to correct any issues that come up but some things may take time.

What should I do if there is a bug or issue that I find?
Use the website messaging system (Messages on the nav bar) to message “VP4 Support”. Do not email support@celeris.com as at least for now all support mail will use the internal messaging system.

Can I find any more information at this time?
Yes, you can go here:
This includes information about the site, Terms & Conditions, and Privacy.

VP4 Online Tournaments.

Virtual Pool 4 Online,

Here is what you should know for when you all arrive.There wil be tournaments and ladders and at a later date there will be leagues.
I want to explain though in particular about tournaments.


There are two different types of tournament

Real Time and Non Real Time.

Real time tournaments are likely to be the most common.
They are scheduled for a day and time and whether they be single elimination or double,
these tournaments will  always start and finish on the same day.

Once the tournament signup  deadline has been reached the brackets for the draw will be made available and you look for your tournament room in the tourney tab in the chat lobby and join your opponent,play the match and so on for each round.

Non Real Time Tournaments.

These type of tournaments are likely to be used only for special events ,in particular Virtual World Championships.

The main differene to these tournaments is that each round you play in the brackets has a deadline time.

As an example,lets say that the big tournament starts Thurday 8 pm local time.you will have until again as an example until Saturday 8pm to arrange your match with your opponent and play it before the deadline is reached.
You  find out who your opponent is on the tourney brackets and then you will be able to send him/her a match time proposal sheet with the choice of 3 different times  so that your opponent can either accept your initial proposal or send you a choice for a preferred time that suits them better.

Assuming you have both agreed the time and day of your match,its then up to both of you to be in the VP4 chat lobby  ready and waiting for your room to be automatically set for you under the Tournament Tab in the lobby.
This is how you then play each round of the tournament.

Remember, the tournament system is fully automatic,you don't have to report results,it is all done for you.

9ball's guide for VP Online *newbies(politically correct term)

Ok so you have been playing the virtual pool series for years and as far as your concerned your the man or woman to beat.However you never ever did get to play online in Virtual Pool 3 as you couldnt get the game to work in Gamespy..
You might be a first time visitor to the series and think that  online will be a piece of cake anyway.....what is there to worry about?

No matter who you are,things are about to change in your Virtual Pool world soon enough.
Just as in real life Pool,Billiards or Snooker,everyone has a different level of skills and Virtual pool 4 will be no different.

If you play in your local pub or bar or Billiard hall you will soon get to know the hustlers out there and the whose  who of the best players around.
However your thinking I dont want to get my arse handed to me time and time again from these players.

So what can you do?
Again just as in real life and in no matter what game you play,there is a learning curve that we all had to go through and you will certainly need to learn all the different shots that will give you an armoury that you can fall back on when your playing online matches with friends or opponents perhaps in online tourneys.

Where do you start.?
The Virtual Pool offline version has a very good tutorial for all newbies  to the game and Steve Daking will guide you through all the different types of shots you will need in order to improve your level of play and be competative.

Will you just be a banger or a player?

What do I mean by that?.Well what I mean is  that I have seen many players play pool or snooker online over the years and they never plan ahead,this is your basic fundamental part of every game will you will ever play in Virtual Pool.You MUST always be thinking about your next shot and about where you want to put the cueball.Simply banging balls into pockets can be fun,but you keep losing.
Think about your next shot and plan your route ahead and visualise.
Try and SEE the shot your attempting to play before you need to play it.
OK that sounds fine but you cannot put the cue ball where you want it if your not in full control of the cueball.Its like a car in the sense that its only as good as the driver.
The cueball will be under your full control,once you have learned the mastery of English(or side),topsin,backspin(draw)etc.
The cue ball is like a dart board or a clock face and depending on where you put the cue tip on the face of that ball will determine the type of reaction that you will get from the cueball when you play that shot.

I cannot stress enough the importance of cueball control because thats what the difference is between them and us....the guys that run the table or make the big breaks all the time have all the basics taken care of,they are in full control of what they are doing and can get the cueball to go where they want with pinpoint accuracy..

You wont come to Virtual Pool 4 online and be an overnight sensation if your a noob,you will have to pay your dues and you will have to learn the hard way and you will get beaten frequently and heavily most likely,BUT  you must not be discouraged
Some people say its best to stick with players of your own similar abilities to get more fun out of playing online.I would disagree with that statement.
In order to improve your game you should deliberatley make an effort to get to play the better players around as you can learn an awful lot from watching them play every shot.

To get the best out of Virtual Pool 4 its best to start at the bottom and work your way up in all facets of the game.The longer you play it the more you will learn and the better you will become but that takes patience and lots of it.

Right here is my Newbies guide to VP4 online.

1.Start off by making sure you have your mouse set up correctly.This is the very basic and first thing you MUST do to aid you in your control of shots in the game.Try lowering the sensitivity or raising it and playing a few shots with those different settings.The more in tune you are with your mouse sensitivity settings,the better in control of shot power and weight you will have.What you are trying to acheive is a FEEL for every shot you will ever play in the game.You will  be a much better player straight away simply by doing this right at the start.

2.Virtual Pool 4 is a 3D Billiard simulator and the game allows you to study the table from every angle....so do it.Take your time to look around the table and the lie of the balls while your opponent is shooting and especially when its your turn to shoot.You will have a much better idea of what shot your needing to play for your next ball.

3.Think.........If theres not  a shot on for you,then how can you make your opponents next shot as difficult as possible.This is a part of the game that many players dont use at all.
Dont shoot without having thought of the consequences for you or your opponent.
Safety play is one of the biggest weapons in your arsenal and must be used in good measure and at just the right times during play.You will win many games by simply having thought out a good safety shot and giving your opponent lots to think about themselves and benefitting from the mistakes they make trying to negotiate their way out of the tricky situation that you put them in.
Percentage play can win the day time and time again.You can be brave and go for all your shots and on very rare occasions it might work for you on the day,but its very likely that you will  be paying a heavy price from not having thought your shot through.

4.Challenge to improve yourself.
You wont get better at the game by just playing the same people online all the time,so if you like to shoot 8ball or 9ball the best way to meet up with different skill levels of players  is by joining a Challenge lobby or a winner stays on table.
Simply by playing in these types of room you will be playing one rack at a time and against different players all waiting to knock you off the table.

5.Be competative
There will be online tournanents in Virtual Pool 4.
The tournaments will  mostly be handicapped as in many real life tournaments in the public or amatuer game
Again you will get to play differing levels of ability but this time in a tournament style either by straight one loss and your out or more likely in a double elimination style where you get two chances in each tournament.The handicapping system means that depending on your ability or rating for a particular game type you will benefit by getting perhaps a one or two rack start on your opponent or vice versa.
This makes tournament play a lot more fun for all,especially those of us who might not be to the standard of many others in the same event and it gives you a head start .It also means that the better player who is handicapped has to focus more in order to win through.

6.Have fun.
Its and old cliche used in many sports...."It's only a game"
Virtual Pool 4 has been a long time coming and its the chance for the Virtual Pool commmunity small though it is at present to grow and grow.
We are going to have a proper home to go to when playing online and its our own Virtual Pool server especially for us.
Its up to all of us who choose to play online to be part of that community by taking part in it and having fun.
its also up to those regular Virtual Pool players to welcome the hopefuly many new players to online and to what is still the best Billiard simulation out there

Virtual Pool 4 Online is coming soon....are you ready for it?
Will you be a banger or a player?
Now is the time to prepare and get your practice in for when it comes.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Gamespy issue

Theres a conflict at the monent with  gamespy arcade.If you find you cannot join the VP3 lobby,you need to reinstall the services folder of gamespy arcade back into the gamespy arcade folder

DOWNNLOAD IT HERE   http://www.9balldotcom.co.uk/Services.rar


ps  you'll need to get winrar to open it,you can find that if you google it(Im not doing everything for you)  lol